Joseph Rice LMT

Joseph’s Testimonials

Healing Flow

Joseph & Michael were welcoming, professional therapists working in a relaxing office where I received 2 massages, 1 from each in my hiking week in Sedona. I especially enjoyed experiencing the Hawaiian based style. They combined the beautiful, healing flow of Lomi with other specific therapeutic details for my body. It was the perfect fusion in a wonderful place by loving, caring practitioners! Blessings.

magic hands

Outstanding! Michael and Joseph are a warm and open. I felt very comfortable with them immediately and was impressed by their professionalism and kind vibes. Michael and Joseph have an uncanny ability to read your body and conscious and subconscious signals as they work. I highly recommend Joseph Michael Massage. Both Michael and Joseph awesome practitioners.

Energy Renewal Experience

Professional and knowledgeable of physiology, Michael uses the right amount of pressure and a variety of techniques making every massage a different and beneficial experience. He works quietly and I appreciate the “no chatter” atmosphere with only music and the sound of babbling water allowing me to enter a world of my own. I have a heightened awareness and abundance of energy after each session.